Age 45 – 55 Domestic Violence, Support with Separation and Divorce

Domestic Violence, Woman Loss of Confidence, Support with Separation and Divorce

I am delighted to add my review on Westminster Psychotherapy.  I had a bad experience during my marriage due to domestic violence and I had lost my confidence, I had stress and anxiety and I did not know what direction to take. I decided to see a psychologist as my health started to be affected and I self-referred to Leona. I found Leona to be extremely supportive and she understood me, she was transparent and she helped me overcome all of my difficulties during my divorce, she is professional and a very good listener, and she was determined to find the best way to help me. I was facing enormous pressure in my relationship and I was psychologically and emotionally unwell. Leona assisted me and worked with me through all of these issues and explored with me traumatic situations, which I was never able to face myself or feel comfortable enough to discuss with anyone else for a very long time. She had spent a good quality time analyzing my problems and helped me to identify my trauma. I would highly recommend Leona and I strongly believe that she has all the professionalism and intelligence to support any individual who feels in a need of psychological assistance or counselling support. Well done Leona! Keep up the good work.