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Leona Sears CBT depression therapy

Westminster Psychotherapy Ltd is a private practice set up by Leona Sears in 2008 and it offers psychology, psychological services – therapeutic modalities assisting you in alleviating your issues and psychotherapy and support to clients with emotional and relationship difficulties, it relies mainly on CBT approaches including CBT depression therapy. Westminster Psychotherapy Ltd operates mainly from London W1 near Oxford Circus tube station and your GP can either refer you or you can self-refer.  This private practice offers high degree of privacy,  the sessions are strictly confidential without electronic records of personal information kept. Leona Sears has a background in training suitable for children, adults, and older adults and the sessions are typically on a weekly basis until the client feels a sufficient improvement has been made. The private practice is based in the heart of Central London and it offers clients competitive hourly rates, enabling the clients to work at their own pace to reach their goals. Leona Sears has been enjoying seeing an improvement in clients’ lives as a result of the psychotherapy sessions and has been receiving mostly positive feedback evidenced in clients’ testimonials. Leona Sears writes regularly articles for her BLOG page on this website on issues that clients often discuss in the sessions and seek help for.  


Westminster Psychotherapy Ltd welcomes referrals for anger aggression therapy, resistant depression, CBT depression therapy, couple therapy and couple counselling, low confidence, trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety or stress, burnt out, bullying, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts etc. If you wish to view other issues Leona Sears works with please visit the page SERVICES on this website. 


To book an appointment call/text Leona directly on 07 505 124 933 or if you would like to discuss appointment for CBT depression, anger management, trauma, suicidal thoughts, quitting alcohol and more.