Age 25 – 35 Resistant Depression, Low Confidence, Anxiety

Woman with Resistant Depression, Low Confidence

I was looking for a therapist online and Leona’s website drew my attention. I was really impressed by the reviews and called to book an appointment and Leona arranged for me session immediately. I was suffering from depression for almost one year and have been also taking antidepressants for almost one year before I came to see her.  I was hoping to get some professional help because I felt totally helpless and desperate and stressed.  Through talking with Leona, she helped me to find the source of my pain and stress. I would like to describe her style as straightforward and uplifting. She can always help me to get to the point and build my confidence gradually. She has given me very useful skills to build my confidence and coping skills with relationship and work. She is also very sweet and thoughtful and helped me without pushing hard. I have noticed changes after a few sessions. For the time being, at least I can cook food and take care of myself, which I wasn’t able to do before. I have also given up the idea of hurting myself, no matter what happens, I can tell myself that I have a hope. I have also become more confident than before the change. I will keep on seeing Leona to get myself better.