Anxiety StressTO BOOK CALL: 07 505 124 933 The stress in our environment is combated by our innate and inbuilt system called ‘flight or flight’ that protects us physiologically from the stress by enabling us to fly away from it or by fighting with it. However, living with a long-term stress  and on a chronic stress response override could lead to a repressed immune system and  consequently to  a development of serious psychological and health issues such as burnout and depression, chronic fatigue, panic attacks, misery and outbursts of anger, issues in the couple, cardio vascular diseases and cancer.   If you would like to collaboratively explore and identify the key causes of your stress, if you want to develop better coping strategies for stress reduction and would like to know more about stress anxiety management, call Leona to book your appointment today: 07 505 124 933. Please see below a few links and example of relaxing music.

  1. By Bach:
  2. By Handel:
  3. By Beethoven:
  4. By Bizet:
  5. By Jenkins:
  6. By Schubert:
  7. By Bach:
  8. By Handel:
  9. By Satie:
  10. By Bach: