Age 25 – 35 Workplace Bullying, Exhaustion, Depression

Woman with experience of workplace bullying, exhaustion and depression.

I self-referred to Leona as I was not myself, I was emotional, stressed and depressed bought on by the environment in my workplace. I felt as if I was in a general state of anxiousness that would not go away and felt that I was useless at a job I would normally perceive myself to be successful at. I had come to a point that I was on leave from my job as I was having panic attacks about going to the office, when I was there I felt aggressive towards co-workers and I was utterly exhausted. Around my friends I was withdrawn and I cried a lot around those that were closest to me. I hoped that with Leona I would get to the source of the problem, get back to work and become myself again. I found Leona very easy to talk to, her methods are effective. After each session I felt as though I had rebuilt a small piece of myself and felt a little stronger. Each session we talked about what was happening at that stage, she got me to look deeper at my reactions to problems and why I might have gotten to that point. She then worked with me to build myself back up again. I found her coaching and role playing particularly useful. Leona helped me surpass my initial goals. She helped me build my confidence back up to a level I am not sure it had been at for a very long time, if ever. She helped me discover the cause of the immediate problems I was facing. She helped me get back to work, find the strength to leave the job I was in and find a new job, a better one as it turns out. Additionally, the confidence boost and coaching she gave me helped me get out there and find a boyfriend. Since seeing Leona I feel lifted, I have a smile on my face and have been told by my current boss that I appear constantly calm even in the face of stressful situations. Basically I am back to being me again, but with an additional confidence and self-assurance that I had been lacking longer than I had realised.