Age 25 – 35 Depression CBT, Workplace Bullying, Low Confidence

During my last series of CBT sessions (through the services of the NHS) I was advised to research and partake in a course of psychotherapy. Due to work commitments, I was only able to seek help privately and was recommended the services of Westminster Psychotherapy Ltd. My mental health prior to (and during the beginning stages of) therapy was poor. The effects were having a detrimental effect on my general well-being. Working with Leona has been (and continues to be) a refreshing experience. A relaxed atmosphere and being allowed to work at my own pace has been greatly beneficial to my development. This in turn has made the challenges I have faced to be less demanding. Leona’s attitude and outlook has been encouraging, her advice well judged and always professional. These sessions with Leona have been key to my recent personal development. They have, and continue to, relieve my depressive episodes and have allowed me to take control of my feelings. I am becoming more self-aware, confident and in-control. On both a personal and occupational level this time has proven to be invaluable.