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1. The two types of aggression known in humans are offensive and defensive.
2. The hypothalamus is involved in the existence of and periodicity of aggression but is not involved in controlling behaviours.
3. People can learn aggressive behaviours from other people as demonstrated by Bandura  (1963) in his social experiments by letting children watch playing aggressively with a doll.
4. Overcrowded places have been documented to onset aggression (Calhoun, 1962).
5. The male hormone testosterone is known by neural circuits to play role in aggression (Hayward, 1997).
6. People are motivated to be aggressive for different reasons but environmental (your family, friends, partner, public places) and social factors play a dominant role in aggression.
7. Some people can develop chronic damaging aggression that they are not able to control in response to repeated abuse in childhood.
8. Some people in relationships will deliberately use aggression to manipulate a desired and to them positive response with the goal to definitely upsetting repeatedly their partners as they see an upset or suffering partner as an evidence and existence their partner cares.
9. Unhappy people in romantic relationships, friendships or collegial relationships will deliberately use aggression to upset people in their environment and need to drag people down with them so they don’t feel alone in feeling the burden and pain of their own unhappiness.
10. Aggression has been documented to be deliberately used as another form of control to keep the people or partners afraid and submitted.
11. Some people are genuinely unaware of how aggressive they perceived to be by the majority of people because people around them are too afraid to give them a feedback.
12. Some people think that their aggressive relational style is normal and are totally unaware that this isn’t normal in the most families.
13. Highly aggressive people might struggle to admit their aggression is wrong because of the perceived social pressure to never be wrong in the first instance.
14. It isn’t rare that in highly aggressive overt or covert situations generally speaking people will stand behind bullies to protect their interests, not matter how wrong the aggressor’s behaviour might be.
15. Aggression is one of the important criterion of the Antisocial Personality Disorder (also known as psychopathy, sociaopathy or dyssocial personality disorder); the Borderline Personality Disorder and indirectly implied in the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (DSM IV-TR, 2000).
16. Aggression is one of the criterion of the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (DSM V, 2013).

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anger management


. . . anger is an emotion, regulated by the hypothalamus, and it

is inevitable for our existence because it enables us to protect

ourselves and maintain our integrity. . .

. . . the aim of counselling psychology, psychotherapy and anger therapy then is

not deleting that emotion from your limbic system but rather

exploring the meaning of your anger and various

possibilities how to express your anger without causing serious

casualties neither to yourself nor to anyone else

in your environment. . .




An inappropriate expression of anger such as screaming, abusive words use, threats, insults, physical attacks in conflictual situations is an essentially clumsy expression of anger and it can be addressed and solved with anger management. At Westminster Psychotherapy Ltd you will learn how to contain your anger and communicate it with your colleagues and loved ones in a way so that you will be heard and respected but you will learn to communicate your anger in a more controlled manner. The controlled expression of anger will lead to significantly improved quality of your relationships either with your colleagues, friends or your loved ones. Although some anti-domestic violence  and anti-bullying campaigners state that only men are the key culprits of aggression and bullying, this can be at times an overused assumption because often the hostile aggressive work and home environment can be unwittingly and co-creatively established and maintained by all parties involved. Let’s express our anger in a sophisticated manner. Call for anger management to book with Leona Sears directly on 07 505 124 933, prices start from £80 p/h.

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