Male Age Range 25 – 35 Depression Low Self-Esteem Sexual Repression

I self-referred to Westminster Psychotherapy Ltd because I had depression due to low confidence, sexual repression and childhood trauma.I had a very positive experience working with Leona. She makes a great deal of effort to understand your issues without judgement or scrutiny. Homework is usually assigned at the end of each session. This entails going through some reading material that Leona refers to you or expressing your thoughts in writing about topics discussed throughout the sessions.It is important to know that therapy alone will only go so far as the therapist can only help you identify the cause and effect of your issues. The rest falls on you so you will have to make the effort to take your resolve from therapy and apply it to the real world. With this in mind, I want to say that I have made a great deal of progress. I no longer feel the seemingly chronic sense of helpless I had once felt as Leona made me realise the root of all my problems and was able give me pragmatic solutions to habitually apply to my everyday life. As with all things, long-term change does take time however.