Age 10 – 20 School Bullying, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, Self-harming, Anxiety,Loss of Confidence

School bullying, bullied female, suicidal thoughts, depression

My mother found Leona’s website when she noticed my strange behaviour. I almost tried to commit suicide before I came to see Leona, I did not tell anyone because I felt like no one would understand. My GP sent me to publicly funded youth therapist and it did not work because they asked me questions without giving any advice. I suffered from anxiety and depression, I had no one and thankfully my mom found Leona and I am glad because she understands and is very helpful. My first impression of Leona was a very heart-warming welcome, she was so calm and relaxed, very casual and has a lot of confidence. Before her, I had to see a therapist that was stiff and did not know what to do and kept stuttering while Leona knows exactly what to do. After a few sessions, I have learned a lot of stuff that I never thought would be possible to help. Surprisingly, I was not depressed for three weeks. Leona taught me how to cope with anger and gain my confidence by standing up to myself. I am very thankful that my mom brought me to Leona.