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What is CBT depression therapy?

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The aim of this page is to provide you with some basic information on CBT depression therapy. CBT therapy for depression is essentially one of the counselling or psychotherapeutic methods, developed by American psychiatrist Aaron Beck in the middle of 20th century. The core mechanism and goal of the CBT therapy for depression is a focus on the client’s maladaptive thoughts, behaviours and feelings, employing a solution focused approach and updating or change the maladaptive material. This method is mainly evidence driven. Another important aspect of CBT is a collaboration between the therapist and the client who work together to resolve the client’s depression and to improve the quality and enjoyment of the client’s life.

How does CBT depression therapy work?

The client and therapist meet weekly but some clients choose more frequent sessions during which they try to uncover the causes of the depression, factors that could maintain the depression and consequently creating a personalised treatment plan for the client to address the depressive symptoms. The clients can be given some assignments but this is usually agreed and discussed in the session. The aim of the assignments in the CBT therapy for depression is to speed up the recovery process but the therapist always works at the client’s pace. The assignments are not overwhelming at all but rather a positive addition to a client’s life. CBT therapy for depression is just one of many counselling methods that are available and the therapist usually has a training in more than one therapeutic method and the therapist will assess whether the client is suitable for this method or whether the client will benefit from another counselling method. For instance, if the client is going through bereavement it would be unacceptable to use the CBT therapy for depression approach and encourage to use cognitive behavioural therapy tools when the client needs to gradually come to terms with the loss.  The essential part of any therapeutic method is the therapeutic relationship which essentially means that the client needs to feel safe and comfortable whoever the client will choose the work with. This leads to a point respecting client’s autonomy and therefore the client will decide how many sessions will be needed.

CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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When does CBT depression therapy fail to work?

The CBT  therapy for depression is normally an effective way of getting rid of the depression as long as the client continues using the learnt coping strategies outside of the sessions, and as long as the client is not taking any drugs or alcohol in secret that would undermine the psychotherapy process. The CBT for depression will not be effective if the client hides an important part of their history and current situation that could be the key factor in the development and maintenance of the depression. The CBT for depression will also be ineffective in clients who decide to quit too early and before seeing any improvement and there is a high chance that they will relapse.

The length of the sessions, prices with 20% discount available and contact

The length of the sessions is an hour weekly and clients will normally need at least two months which is about eight sessions. In cases where the client presents complex trauma for instance with child sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse the length of the therapy could be at least six months. The CBT for depression sessions are carried out in central London, private,  comfortable and friendly context and not too far from the Oxford Circus tube station. The majority of clients who come to Westminster Psychotherapy Ltd set up by Leona Sears feel comfortable and if you want to hear about their experiences please visit the reviews page. The price is £80 per hour and 20% discount is available on six prepaid sessions. If you would like to read more articles on CBT depression therapy please scroll down and click on the links next to articles below or go directly to page BLOG on this website and section Depression Management which contains more articles. If you would like to book an appointment call or text 07 505 124 933 and if you cannot get through due to technical issues email Leona Sears lsears@westminsterpsychotherapy.co.uk. All correspondence for the CBT depression therapy and the content of the sessions is held in the strictest confidentiality regard and correspondence is managed only by Leona Sears.


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