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Couple Counselling and Couple Therapy Background

8. FAQ

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Relationships counselling,  couple counselling or couple therapy is essentially a couple work that is suitable for clients at any stage of their relationship. It is suitable for a vast scale of issues that will appear in the relationships,  that are chronic, repeated but yet somehow would not go away. Typically, clients come to couple counselling initially because they feel unhappy, depressed, anxious or they argue a lot.

What issues do couples come with?

The common issues that are often seen in the relationship counselling are poor communications styles, a myriad of assumptions that will create misunderstandings, arguments and resentments, a baggage of past unresolved issues people bring into the couple from previous relationships, non-existent conflict resolution skills, a lack of self-awareness and insufficient knowledge about passive aggressive behaviours and outbursts of anger, resentment because of past unresolved conflicts and inability to move on that is straining the relationship and so on.

How does the couple counselling process work?

The therapist will listen carefully to what both people in the couple have to say and their individual or shared needs, values and goals. The therapist does not take anyone’s side, always employs objective approach and therefore looks at the couple’s presentation of the issues from a fresh and unbiased point of view whilst putting aside their own values so not to contaminate the clients’ material with their own. This way, the couple receives third party’s unbiased support and objective opinions that are often absent in the relationship where trust had been broken and needs restoring.

Why is couple therapy and counselling useful?

The couple counselling is useful because the therapist, unlike our friends,  is trained to always remain objective, which is a method derived from phenomenology. This approach assures that the couples’ material is not contaminated with therapist’s needs and values and what emerges in the couple therapy is then pure couples’ material that can be worked on and resolved.

When is the best time to book for couple counselling?

It is best to book for couple counselling when you begin to notice that the issues are repetitive and longer-lasting, you cannot resolve them, they keep coming back and begin to make either one or both partners dissatisfied, unhappy or stressed. It is not advised to leave the issues left lying dormant for long periods of time, assuming that they will go away, by moments of sudden happier mood changes, as in some cases, this can lead to one of a partner being chronically disgruntled, resentful and seeking routes to secretly leave or starting an affair.

When does the couple counselling fail to work?

Like with any other type of counselling the sessions will not be effective if one or both people conceal the truth that could be a key part of the problem that maintains the conflict in the couple. The efficacy of the session will also be grossly undermined if one or both people take drugs or abuse alcohol or if the couple quits too early without resolving existing issues that will highly likely re-emerge in the future.

How much does it cost and contact?

The relationship counselling costs £90 per hour on the weekdays, 20% discount is available on six prepaid sessions and loyalty cards are also available that gradually reduce the cost of the session as the clients work towards further sessions.  The weekend couple counselling sessions are also available. It is best to make always a phone/text booking on 07 505 124 933 but in the case of phone issues, the email will be responded within 24-hours

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