Age 25 – 35 Job Loss, Low Confidence, Depression


Job loss, low confidence, depression

I lost my job, and was betrayed by a friend in quick succession, leaving me lost and broken and feeling like a complete failure. I had lost all status attributed to my career, with no support network as I had a bad relationship with my parents and little trust towards my friends. I felt ugly, ashamed and lacking self-worth. I couldn’t sleep, and I couldn’t stop crying and avoided going out. I appreciated Leona’s straight talking, objectively identifying my issues and dealing with each of them in isolation. I dealt with structural issues of self-perception, creating action plans, working on evidence-based practices and exercises to breakdown my previous ways of thinking. Leona’s methods were very practical and I felt at ease to open up to her. Now, I am a different person from a few months ago. I’am working on a practical plan to seek employment, and I’ve built up enough confidence to attempt dating and developed a more assertive attitude. I’ve started to go out a lot more.