Age 25 – 35 Domestic Violence, Depression, High Anxiety, Past Trauma

Trauma, Domestic Violence, High Anxiety, Depression

I was dealing with marital issues, anxiety, change of environment and insomnia and I decided to use Leona’s services due to her specialisation. Leona was very empathetic and helpful – she helped me to structure my issues, explore them from various angles. She has also provided various ideas on how I can work on my problems and better integrate in the society and on many occasions she went extra mile and provided me with help in her free time during evenings and weekends when I urgently needed to talk to somebody. I was very happy to use Leona’s services – it helped me during very difficult part of my life. I see a marked progress and while I needed to do most of the work myself and I still have not achieved all the goals I want I would not be where I am today without her support and guidance.